Bill Belichick on GHS says he didn't consider going for it on fourth down in overtime

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The Patriots fell to the Cowboys 35-29 in overtime Sunday at Gillette Stadium to fall to 2-4 on the season.

While Dallas won on a 35-yard CeeDee Lamb touchdown reception, the Patriots had the ball first, but ultimately punted the ball back to Dallas after picking up just one first down.

It was fourth-and-3 from the Patriots' 46-yard line and appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Bill Belichick said there really wasn't much consideration of going for it.

“No, not really," he said. "With [Greg] Zuerlein, his field goal range, they can play on a pretty short field there, so if that’s when you’re talking about one first down could probably beat you there. So, no, not really.”

(Click below to listen to the full interview.)

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The Greg Hill Show
GHS - Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick joins the show to discuss the Pats loss to the Cowboys
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This decision was questioned by a few afterwards considering how well the Cowboys were moving the ball and the amount of time the Patriots defense had spent on the field over the course of the game.

On the play prior, Mac Jones missed Nelson Agholor on an out route, but the Patriots receiver had his facemask grabbed on the play, which the referees did not call.

The Patriots will host the Jets this Sunday.