In the end, Tom Brady’s retirement process was fitting


Tom Brady gave everything.

That may not be the first sentence people will think of when Tom Brady’s name comes up years from now. But, it’s the best summation of football’s greatest quarterback ever and one of the most prolific winners the sporting world has seen.

Breaking News: Tom Brady officially retires

Because while Brady will be remembered for his rings when the conversation about the NFL’s GOAT has been taken over by people who never saw him play live, those who’ve witnessed Brady know there’s so much more to it.

Brady’s effort was unmatched. Only all-time greats from other sports have shown the same level of tenacity.

But because winning was all that mattered, he also had to give up things. Success does not come without sacrifice. Sometimes, those were for the betterment of the company he kept. In other instances, it didn’t work out as well for Brady.

But when considering that statement on the day of Brady’s second (and hopefully final) retirement, it all makes sense. Winning was always priority No. 1, and nothing was going to stop him. Not until he knew he had nothing left to give.

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