Friday's Mashup: George Kittle resets TE market

Happy Friday! Let's just go ahead and push past that Bruins finish Thursday night, and Mookie hitting 3 homers in LA, again, and catch you guys up on a lot of the other need-to-knows in the wide world of sporty sports, shall we? We shall! And let's open on a laugh at someone else's expense that would also be received favorably if applied locally (CC: Mayor Marty Walsh).

New York has banned all outdoor comedy except for the Mets.

— jimmy dunn (@jimmydunncomedy) August 13, 2020

Speaking of the Sox...


Red Sox @ Yankees - 7pm, NESN

How could you miss another chance to watch TBD take the hill against the best team in baseball? This should go...well?

49ers, TE George Kittle agree to five-year, $75M contract extension. (via @RapSheet + @MikeSilver)

— NFL (@NFL) August 13, 2020

49ers tight end George Kittle, arguably the best at his position in the NFL, found long-term paydirt, after protracted and frustrating negotiations, with the team Thursday, signing a 5-year, $75 million extension. That is indeed some nice paper, and a lot more than anyone who's played the position has been paid previously (somewhere a Pats fan having beer for breakfast is grumbling that if Bill Belichick just opened up the wallet for Gronk like this, and then Brady...) Kittle is a dynamite player, cut from the Gronk cloth, and will be a thorn in the league's side foe years to come, including the Patriots when he and Jimmy G come to town Week 7 for the long-awaited Belichick/Garoppolo reunion. Kyle Shanahan would also like to have a word with Coach Belichick too, I'm sure.

And while we're on the subject of prolific tight ends the Pats are playing this season getting paid, any coincidence to the fact that this news broke just hours after the Kittle extension was announced? [insert curious guy emoji>

Breaking: The Chiefs and star TE Travis Kelce have agreed to the parameters of a 4-year extension that will keep him with Kansas City through the 2025 season, sources tell @JFowlerESPN.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 13, 2020


Hopefully one day this guy will be mentioned in the same breath as the Kelces, Gronks and Kittles of the world, and not just out of positional similarity.

Happy Birthday to #Patriots rookie TE Devin Asiasi! (@ASI2X)

— King Brycen -- (@BradyyNFL) August 14, 2020


The McCourty twins, who celebrated their birthday Thursday. Pats fans get to celebrate them, and their great plays like this, every day.

The time JMac saved a TD in SB53 -- >>>Happy birthday @McCourtyTwins ! --

— King Brycen -- (@BradyyNFL) August 13, 2020


Your daily tid bit of fan centric Cam Newton excitement, which today could be labeled "Can Jam". Need some of this yesterday.

Waiting for the @fitzygfy beer review on this

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Dovetailing off the Greg Hill Show Dumbest of the Day segment, we bring you this story, which is as boneheaded as it is dangerous and hilarious.

The #Seahawks cut rookie CB Kemah Siverand this week after he was caught on video trying to sneak a female visitor into the team hotel, per sources.Clear message on the responsibility everyone has in the NFL’s COVID-19 world: Put the team at risk, suffer the consequences.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) August 13, 2020

That he dressed her in Seahawks gear to try and sneak her in? Have to respect while also condemning the effort. You know somewhere Bobby Valentine is laughing.


The sports scene in Boston has been downright magnificent the past two decades. 2020 has been surreal, to say the least thus far. How about we take a quick peak back at the very pre-duck boat years, circa 1998, thanks to our friends at Boston Sports Throwback?

Boston Sports in 1998

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