Rob Ninkovich on GHS stands up for Mac Jones


Mac Jones has been taking a lot of heat in recent days for his performance against Miami, but also going into the playoffs as some have ranked him as the worst quarterback to make the postseason.

During his appearance on The Greg Hill Show Wednesday, Rob Ninkovich stood up for the Patriots rookie.

“I understand the Mac Jones critique on certain levels," Ninkovich said. "He’s had some poor play, but you have to understand too, from the last time he played a snap of college football, nobody realizes the process that goes into pre-draft process, combine, the draft process, rookie camp, OTAs, minicamp, rookie training camp, training camp, preseason, double the length of a season on a young player. Now [he’s] in the playoffs, this guy hasn’t had a break since before training camp his senior year of college.

"I really think he’s done a great job of being a professional, and he puts everything on himself — ‘I need to be better’ — I like all that. Of course, he’s going to make mistakes. Rookies make mistakes. If you look at all the rookies right now, they look terrible. Except for Mac Jones. Mac Jones has been the best rookie.”

Click below to listen to the full debate between Jermaine Wiggins and Ninkovich, which starts around the 7:30 mark.

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