Listen: Tedy Bruschi sees similarities between 2001 Patriots and this year's team

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Merloni and Fauria
M&F - Tedy Bruschi joins Fauria's "25 for 25" to talk Odell, Mac vs Brian Burns & Pats giving him 2001 vibes
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Ever since Mac Jones was named the starting quarterback for the Patriots this season, some have compared it to the 2001 team.

Of course, that team was led by its defense and a rookie quarterback all the way to winning a Super Bowl.

Appearing on Merloni & Fauria Wednesday as part of Christian Fauria's 25 for 25K to benefit the American Diabetes Association, ESPN's Tedy Bruschi, who was on that team, said he's starting to get that vibe.

“I do," he said. "I do see the similarities in terms of the process of growth of a quarterback that was an unknown, a defense that had multiple signings that had to come together. [Mike] Vrabel was a new signing, I mean, [Roman] Phifer was new. There were a lot of [new] linebackers, which [Matthew] Judon here, [Jalen] Mills, various guys are coming in playing particular roles that are very important. You can see similarities in that.

“The similarity in record. We were 5-5 after we lost to the then St. Louis Rams. So there is a process that this type of coaching always gives you that type of result. And you see it. These fans in New England, they know. They can see good coaching. They can see good playing and then it sort of [comes together] at the right time, come around Thanksgiving. I can feel it, too."

Bruschi did go on to say it's not a perfect comparison.

“Now, there are things that have prevented them from being even better like fumbles and certain mistakes that they have made, missed field goals. [The] ’01 team, what they were best at was if the game was on the line, late in the year [we made those plays]," he said. "Did we get a couple of breaks or two? Yes, like the Tuck Rule against the Raiders in the snow and all that, sure. But, pressure plays made by pressure players were done over and over consistently again. You win an AFC Championship with two special teams scores, so a lot of things need to happen for it to turn out like it did in ’01.”