Ben Volin reveals main topic of conversation in Patriots locker room last year


There was a lot going on during the 2020 NFL season, especially for the Patriots.

Obviously, there was the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, social justice issues being a big topic of conversation, and also it being Tom Brady's first year not with the Patriots.

During his appearance on The Ken and Curtis Show Saturday, Ben Volin of The Boston Globe revealed the latter was the main topic of conversation in the Patriots locker room last season.

“Last year was also a Brady hangover year for the Patriots," he said. "You might say, ‘No-duh,’ but we weren’t allowed in the locker room last year. We only got Zoom, so you really only got a fraction of the flavor for what was going on with the team. I have talked to a couple of guys this offseason, all they did behind closed doors amongst each other last year was talk Tom Brady. Tom Brady was the conversation in the Patriots locker room.

"And not in a bad way, guys were not angry at him at all. I think Brady still has a lot of fans and a lot of supporters and friends [with] the Patriots. Guys were just constantly talking about him and following him and comparing and talking about old stories and why did Brady leave and his relationship with [Josh] McDaniels and his relationship with [Bill] Belichick. All they did last year was talk Tom Brady.”

We'll see if things are any different this year with it being Brady's second year away from the team and also Mac Jones joining the quarterbacks room.