NHL announces zero new positive COVID-19 cases


The National Hockey League got some more great news towards their Return To Play plan as the 24 teams taking part in this summer's festivities traveled to their respective hub cities on Sunday.

In the latest COVID-19 testing update provided by the NHL on Monday, the league had no new positive coronavirus cases in 4,256 tests that were administered between July 18 and July 25. During the two-week period of Phase 3 (formal training camp) of the league's Return To Play plan, only two players tested positive for COVID-19.

NHL statement on COVID-19 testing results: pic.twitter.com/5dObzonFWA

— NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) July 27, 2020

Overall, the NHL administered a total of 6,874 COVID-19 tests during the two-week period to more than 800 players taking part in the Return To Play plan.

The NHL announced two weeks ago that a total of 43 players had tested positive for COVID-19 during Phase 2 of the Return To Play initiative, where players were allowed to return to their home facilities to participate in individualized, voluntary workouts in smaller groups. 30 of those players tested positive at their team's facility, while 13 others tested positive outside of team facilities.

The league has confirmed that all 24 teams have reported to either Edmonton, Alberta (Western Conference teams) or Toronto, Ontario (Eastern Conference teams) and all of the 52 members of each team will continue to be tested on a daily basis.

Starting on Tuesday, each team will play in one exhibition game that will prepare them for the official return of play starting Saturday with five games on the docket.

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