Sabres promote Crowe, Nightingale in scouting department


The Buffalo Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams is starting to put the pieces together for his front office staff moving forward with the promotion of two of his in-house members.

The team announced on Friday that Jeremiah Crowe has been promoted from his position as a pro scout to the Director of Scouting, while the current Director of Analytics Jason Nightingale will add the role of Assistant Director of Scouting to his title.

Jeremiah Crowe has been named Director of Scouting, and Jason Nightingale has been promoted to Assistant Director of Scouting.Details:

— Buffalo Sabres (@BuffaloSabres) June 26, 2020

"As we build our scouting department, [we want to> sync up our scouting and analytics to become seamless and work together," said Adams in a team statement on Friday. "There's a process that we want to go through in our scouting - both from the amateur and the professional side - of how we measure players, where we see value, what certain traits are we measuring, and at what level. That, from the analytics and the scouting, will be combined into how we ultimately move forward."

Crowe has been with the Sabres organization for three years and will now oversee both the amateur scouting and pro scouting departments going forward. He was originally hired by Adams to be on his staff of Harborcenter's Academy of Hockey back in 2014.

Nightingale has served as the team's Director of Analytics for the past two seasons, and has been with the organization for the past seven seasons working in the analytics department.

In a statement of his own on Friday, Crowe said that he will be working side-by-side with Nightingale going forward and that his knowledge of the game is extensive.

"When you have resources out watching games and evaluating players, there's a lot of experience that goes behind that and a lot of value and a lot of context in terms of how games are going that are relevant in evaluating the individual player. But when you marry it with the statistics, you're uncovering things, and things are lining up or they're not so you can dissect them further."

"That's where you connect it with video - where you're out on the road, you're watching games, but now you have an opportunity to dissect something or watch something, one or two things you're looking for on video that allow for the whole picture to come into focus."

"It makes all the sense in the world. It's a little bit late I think int terms of being implemented in all of hockey and I'm excited to have it all under one umbrella and embraced by everyone in the scouting department."