Detroit police officers honored for saving life of 1-year-old girl in distress

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Three Detroit police officers are being called heroes for their efforts in saving the life of a young girl earlier this month.

It all unfolded early in the morning on (Sept. 2) when parents rushed a 1-year-old girl into the fifth precinct. The child was in urgent need of help, unresponsive and barely breathing.

Video released by the Detroit Police Department shows officers jumping into action.

“I checked for signs of life, responsiveness, I gave the baby a few chest compressions. She wasn’t really breathing that great when I took control of her,” Sgt. Kevin Treasvant said in the video.

Officers knew they didn’t have enough time to wait for EMS, so the desk sergeant at the precinct called for a patrol car to bring the girl to a hospital.

That’s when officer Eric McCombs pulled up. McCombs says he was working overtime that day and he was getting his patrol car ready.

“You could hear the distress in our lieutenant’s voice over the radio,” McCombs says in the video. “He said ‘we need to get this baby (to the hospital).”

Officer Danny Ruiz-Cruz jumped in the back seat of the patrol car with the baby girl in his arms.

“We gotta help this baby. She was in pain, her breathing was raspy, so I knew she needed help and I knew we needed to get it as soon as we could,” Ruiz-Cruz said.

McCombs flipped on his lights and sirens as they rushed the girl to St. John’s Hospital. Other officers in the area blocked off streets so McCombs and Ruiz-Cruz could get there as quickly as possible.

“I couldn’t even count the doctors and nurses that were outside waiting for the child,” McCombs said.

Detroit Police Chief James White honored the three officers during a somber ceremony Friday for the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The department paid tribute to the lives lost and heroism displayed by police officers, firefighters and first responders in New York City, Washington, D.C. and all across the country.

Calling his officers’ work a “team effort,” White said it was important to honor them on the anniversary of 9/11, a day that “is about heroes.”

“The courageous actions of these men and women led to that child still being here today,” White said during the commendations.

Authorities have not disclosed any further details about what was causing the girl distress, but said she has been recovering well.

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