NOLA Coalition commends Mayor Cantrell’s plan to address NOPD issues

Photo credit f11photo/Getty

The NOLA Coalition, which represents over 350 New Orleans organizations and businesses, commends Mayor LaToya Cantrell for her efforts in addressing officer morale and other issues at the New Orleans Police Department.

Cantrell and Chief Ferguson held a press conference to address issues of funding, morale, and NOPD resources by implementing policy changes that include, frequent acknowledgment of officer promotions, new patrol cars and equipment, relaxing the dress code to allow officers to have facial hair and fingernail polish, and requesting the NOPD to be released from the federal Consent Decree among other changes.

The Coalition also expresses “collective respect and gratitude for the NOPD officers that provide for the safety of our community and visitors, alike.”

Mayor Cantrell’s press conference on Thursday announcing the NOPD policy change came with swift criticism that the policy changes are misguided and do not go far enough to address real issues of officer retention and recruitment amid the city struggling to wrangle the out-of-control violent crime trend.

New Orleans City Councilmember J.P. Morrell says a lot of what NOPD officers are complaining about has nothing to do with the public opinion of the work they do, nor, the federal Consent Decree.

“What it comes down to is, you have exit surveys from officers who left explaining in detail why they left. None of it is the city council, none of it is the public, none of it is the Consent Decree,” says Councilmember Morrell. “It is the management at the NOPD, it is the over-zealous prosecution of officers for minor infractions by P.I.B., which is not required by the Consent Decree, that is a management issue.”