We're getting pretty close to peak crawfish

Crawfish prices are coming down, mudbug lovers! They are at levels that have not been seen in years.

"Oh man this is a great weekend to get your hands on some crawfish," said Laney King, co-founder of the Crawfish App. King says they're finding boiled crawfish for $3.99 a pound or less. And live?

"A sack of crawfish, you can find them anywhere from $50 a sack to $75 a sack," she said.

She says increasing demand as we approach Easter weekend may drive prices up, but then they should come back down later in the season.

"Prices go down until we get to about Good Friday, then that increased demand that comes with Easter, you know, it's really the Super Bowl Sunday of crawfish season," said King.

King says prices are lower than this time last year.

"They are about 20 percent lower this week than they were in 2022, this same exact week," King said. "This crawfish season has turned out to be a pretty epic one

King says after Easter, prices will come down some more as we head into late April and May.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images