The Avett Brothers Remember Their First Chicago Concert


The Avett Brothers are tried and true road warriors playing in all types of venues throughout their storied career. You could excuse the band if they weren't able to recall the very first concert they played in Chicago. However, they were able to do so to a T and we didn't have to ask them!

During The Avett Brothers Live From Studio X performance at Goose Island last week, Scott & Seth Avett reminisced about their very first show in Chicago at the Heartland Cafe. "You weren't there the night we played here, there are four people in Chicago that were here," Scott told the crowd.

The Avett's have family in Chicago and have been coming here throughout their entire lives. "42 years we've been touring coming through Chicago," Seth joked.

Check out photos of the show and a full setlist from their concert at Northerly Island here.