Ryan: 'Time For Silence On My End Is Up'

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan recently launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to "help improve the community for people of color in the city of Atlanta." He kicked it off with his own $500,000 donation.
Ryan joined Andy and Randy to discuss why he was inspired to start this fundraiser now.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan told @tbm929 & @randymac81 "For too long I offered silent support for friends and teammates. I think time for silence is up," in talking about reacting to social injustice and making change. He said it's time to no longer stand on the sidelines.

— 92.9 The Game (@929TheGame) June 9, 2020

"For too long, you know I kind of offered silent support to friends and teammates in these kind of situations," Ryan said. "I think the time for silence on my end is up." 

"I think it's about speaking out and saying that I don't agree with what's going on...For whatever reason, it just hit me that, you know, I couldn't continue to stand on the sideline. It was time for me to be a part of this and to try to be an advocate for change. I'm really excited that I think we can start to make an impact and start to help make a change."

Ryan set the GoFundMe goal at $2 million. If t here's any amount you would like to contribute, you can do so here