What Gyms Will Look Look Like in a Coronavirus World


What will it be like to go to the gym once they are allowed to reopen? 

There will be a lot of closed machines, employees with bottles of disinfectant and in a video explaining San Ramon-based 24 Hour Fitness’ plans, people working out in masks.

"We will be encouraging members to be wearing masks as well, but we will not be making it mandatory unless it’s mandatory in local jurisdictions," 24 Hour Fitness CEO Tony Ueber told KCBS Radio.

Ueber said intermittent, deep cleaning sessions between workouts will be mandatory to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"We’ll be opening the gyms for 60-minute intervals, followed by a 30-minute period of deep cleaning just to ensure that we’re keeping high-quality level of cleanliness throughout the day," Ueber said.

"We’ll allow our members to make reservations through our 24Go app so they know when they’ll be able to come in."

That way, they won’t be standing in lines outside.

In addition to those measures, alternating machines will be closed and group classes will be held on basketball courts. The chain is opening a handful of their locations in Dallas, Texas next week, but still have not been given the go-ahead to open in places like California.

"I think one of the benefits we have is a lot of space," Ueber said.

Pools and saunas will remain closed.

Listen to the full interview with Tony Ueber below.

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