Public Charging Stations Put You at Risk for 'Juice Jacking'

Hackers are using USB connections on charging hubs to steal cell data
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(KMOX) - If you love the convenience of public phone charging stations, you may unwittingly be putting your security at risk.

"You need to protect your devices like you protect your wallet," cautions Carol Nichols, Risk Management Consultant with Circle C Ventures. Nichols says in today's world data is like currency.

She tells KMOX, public charging stations put you at risk of what's called "juice jacking".  "Basically they are sucking data out of your phone, or injecting malware into your phone," explains Nichols. There have even been reports of phones being "cloned" at charging hubs.

She says the risk comes from using USB connections to charge your devices.  Because USB is made for two-way communication, it opens your phone to hackers. 

Nichols says an easy way to avoid being hacked is to plug into an AC outlet if it's offered on the charging hub, instead of using a USB cable or port.

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