Alligator destroys drone after snatching it out of midair

Video of the alligator covered in smoke after destroying the drone recently went viral
Photo credit Rod Vamosi

Doing anything near an alligator is probably a bad idea, yet people continue to take a chance entering into swampy areas without hesitation. Luckily, these people also feel the need to film their encounters, giving the internet plenty of alligator videos to enjoy. The latest comes courtesy of a group that decided to fly a drone near an alligator, and the results were very predictable.

As seen in the clip that recently went viral, a drone is hovering over a swamp just above an alligator’s head when the gator leaps up and snatches the gadget out of midair. “Oh my God, he’s eating it. George, no. Don’t eat that!” a woman can be heard saying in the video as the alligator destroys the drone. After chomping down on the drone a few times, the machine eventually explodes, covering the gator in smoke.

Most viewers weren’t surprised by the video, pointing out the group was tempting the alligator by flying the drone so close to the water. According to New York Post, the fate of the alligator after eating the drone is unknown. As for the people, they probably won’t be returning to the swamp any time soon.