Arnold Schwarzenegger shares hack for combining cigars and tequila

Schwarzenegger claims he learned the trick while filming ‘Total Recall’ in Mexico

Arnold Schwarzenegger has learned many things throughout his career as a bodybuilder, actor, politician and businessman. However, if there is one area the celebrity icon can be considered an expert on, its cigars. Schwarzenegger is almost always seen with a cigar either in hand or in mouth, and now he has given fans a hack for combining cigars and tequila.

Cigar Aficionado recently shared a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger giving a step by step guide to creating what he calls the “tequila cigar.” In the video, Schwarzenegger claims he first learned the trick while filming ‘Total Recall’ in Mexico. According to Schwarzenegger, he had picked out a cigar from the humidor of a high end restaurant, when a waiter took the cigar insisting he try “spicing it up.”

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In order to make a tequila cigar, one must first pour a shot of tequila, brush the liquor on the outside of the cigar, roll the cigar a few times, light the cigar, and then dip the unlit side into the shot of tequila. According to Bro Bible, Schwarzenegger has been making tequila cigars since 1989. While most can’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, at least they can now smoke like him.

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