Texas ranked as one of the top five states most-obsessed with their smartphones

Group of people looking at their cell phones
Group of people looking at their cell phones Photo credit Getty Images/golubovy

Who could’ve predicted twenty years ago that Americans would be so obsessed with their phones like we are?

Our entire lives are basically compacted into a device that fits into our pocket, and Texas seems to be one of the states that has the most trouble putting it down.

A study conducted by Amerisleep found that Texas is in the top five of states most-obsessed with their smartphones, coming in at No. 5.

Amerisleep analyzed each state’s each US state's average monthly searches for 3,200 terms related to issues people have with their phones, such as ‘battery overheating’ or ‘why is my phone not working.’

By finding out which state searched the most for issues related to their phone, they learned where cell phones were used the most.

Texas had 412.28 searches a month related to phone issues, followed by Florida at 422.56, Georgia at 442.54, Louisiana at 455.40, and, the most phone-obsessed state, Nevada at 462.52 searches per month.

The state least-obsessed with their phone? West Virginia at only 191.39 searches per month.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/golubovy