Get Marty: Man donates household furnishings to local family

It started with one man with several storage units full of furniture, now it's going to a wonderful family.

From the moment we met Kevin Seger it was clear, he just wanted to do something nice for someone else. Boy did he do it, and do it big. In our first story, Kevin took me through his storage units in Monroeville where he had everything from exercise equipment to bedroom furniture.

He wanted Get Marty to help find a family who could use all of the things he didn't need after downsizing during his recent move back to the Pittsburgh area. After we put it out there that Kevin was doing this, the emails started coming in. One really stood out:

"Hi Marty! I would be very happy to receive the generous gift of furniture from Kevin. All my furniture is old and broken. All hand me down. I'm a married woman with 4 children. My youngest son is 11 years old. My husband is a very hard worker. He works as an auto body tech. It's been difficult for us. I can't work. I got denied for disability since I don't have enough work credits. I have many medical issues. Had both knees replaced. I'm 52 years old. This furniture would really help us." - Eileen Wright

Eileen Wright and her husband, Keith, talk to Marty about the generosity of a total stranger
Eileen Wright and her husband, Keith, talk to Marty about the generosity of a total stranger Photo credit Get Marty

When Eileen and her family showed up with an SUV to pick up the furniture, Kevin stopped them there, rented a moving truck, then helped get it all to their house. Eileen and her husband, Keith, live in Claridge, PA with their four kids and recently dealt with a fire on top of everything else.  They are so grateful for Kevin's generous gesture.

So are we! Kevin, you're my man!

Folks, if you know anyone that needs some kind of help or if you want to be like Kevin and have some way you want to help people, please reach out. Email me: or through the Get Marty page on Facebook.