Tenacious D on the rigors of touring and finally getting their cover songs approved for release

'What have we been doing the last few years, Kage?'
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Joining us today for an Audacy Check In are comedy/rockers Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the duo behind the "greatest and best band in the world," Tenacious D, to chat with host Carlota about their 2022 tour, their brand new "The Who Medley," and much more!

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"What have we been doing the last few years, Kage?," Jack wondered aloud at the start of the conversation. "Well, we've been ducking out of sight; we've been preparing for this moment," KG says. "We've been planning our next power move," adds Jack. "Over the course of the pandemic times, we had a plan to put out an album of covers, 'The Covers Album.' But after we had recorded like 18 covers of different songs that we love, that we did like a funny version of them, our lawyer was like, 'oh no, you can't put out this album, this album is a lawsuit waiting to happen.' You have to have permission from all of these artists because we changed the songs a little bit, but they're not changed enough to be called parodies. It's so much legal red tape, but anyway, we did put out The Beatles -- we got the big one, we got The Beatles -- and Paul McCartney gave us his blessing... for Doctors Without Borders, we're real proud of that. And then we got the green light from The Who, and we were like 'oh my god, this is an embarrassment of classic rock riches!'"

The D's new The Who jam, described as a "humdinger" on their social accounts when released, is a medley of tracks from the British rockers which they say they had been working on "for 20 years." The guys put their signature spin, motherlovin' scatting included, on the classic Tommy songs "Pinball Wizard," "There's a Doctor," and "Go to the Mirror!," and released their tribute this time as a charity single benefiting Everytown For Gun Safety, an organization working towards finding ways to make communities safer from gun violence. "You know, all this crazy s*** going on with school shootings just sort of shook us, and we felt like we wanted to help affect a little change in that area," says Jack.

"Now all we need is [Led Zeppelin's] Robert Plant 's blessing on 'Good Times Bad Times/Rock and Roll,'" KG adds, completing an epic classic rock trifecta for the ages. "And yet, we're still waiting."

Jack also admits there's more D in the can for fans: "We got another record that we're making, but we can't really talk about it because it's too powerful," he says. "We'd have to kill you, if we told you" Kyle confirms. "We've been going on writer's retreats; we went to Joshua Tree to kick out the jams and make the magic happen in the desert and we got a lot of good jams in the back pocket now," Jack adds. "But we're gonna need a couple more retreats, we're gonna go up to Big Sur because that's a power spot. I think we're gonna go to all the power spots on the planet where the chakras are most enhanced... whatever it takes."

Now a month into their highly anticipated 2022 tour, Jack and KG will be heading back out at the beginning of September after a summer break. One of the most surprising things that both musicians have come to understand during their time on the road is how much weight they each can gain without even realizing it. "Did you get on the scale? See, we always weigh ourselves right before we go on tour, and then we weigh ourselves after the tour is over and so far we've always gained weight," says Jack. "We've never lost weight on tour, maybe one time we stayed the same I don't know." On the first leg of this year's outing, Jack says, "I was pleasantly surprised. I only gained three pounds... I was definitely eating whatever I wanted out there, so I thought it was gonna be worse, but I started off pretty damn heavy." KG jokes about taking a different route, getting on the "Mick Jagger, get in shape for tour" diet before heading out. The damage after 11 days on the road: "I gained like 25 pounds, I did. Alright 24 and a half or something," he says as Jack giggles. "It was gluttony, and I think that's a sin."

At the end of their chat, the guys discussed some of the things they're good at that fans may not be aware of. Besides their obvious musical mastery, and abilities to pack on the pounds, both KG and Jack spoke about their love of video games, getting into deep matches of online Risk, video golf, and Snake 2 tourneys. Carlota also shared her admiration for Jack's movie work, specifically his 2001 film Shallow Hal, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow, which he jokes could be updated today -- flipping the script on a theoretical sequel, "Shallow Gwyn," where she gets hypnotized and thinks he’s Brad Pitt... "but really, I'm Jack Black!"

Don't miss the full Audacy Check In with Tenacious D above, and stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite celebs and artists on Audacy.com/Live.

Tenacious D 2022 Tour Dates - Grab your tickets HERE

June 16 - Telluride, Colo. @ Telluride Bluegrass Festival SOLD OUT
June 17 - Sandy, Utah @ Sandy Amphitheater ~ SOLD OUT
June 19 - Portland, Ore. @ Pioneer Courthouse Square ~ SOLD OUT
June 20 - Airway Heights, Wash. @ Northern Quest Casino - SOLD OUT
June 21 - Woodinville, Wash. @ Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery ~ SOLD OUT
June 22 - Bend, Ore. @ Hayden Homes Amphitheater ~ SOLD OUT
June 24 - Palo Alto, Calif. @ Frost Amphitheater ~ SOLD OUT
June 26 - San Diego, Calif. @ Cal Coast Credit Union Amph. ~ SOLD OUT
Sept. 9 - Wilmington, N.C. @ Live Oak Bank Pavilion #
Sept. 10 - Alton, Va. @ Blue Ridge Rock Festival
Sept. 11 - Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Mann Center #
Sept. 13 - :Gilford, N.H. @ Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion #
Sept. 14 - :Bridgeport, Ct. @ Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater #
Sept. 16 - :Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio @ Blossom Music Center #
Sept. 18 - Milwaukee, Wis. @ BMO Harris Pavilion #
Sept. 19 - Minneapolis, Minn. @ Surly Festival Field # - SOLD OUT
Sept. 20 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa @ McGrath Amphitheater #
Sept. 22 - Louisville, Ky. @ Louder Than Life Festival
~ with special guest Puddles Pity Party
# with special guest Dj Douggpound

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