Donate to get your name on a seat at Seattle's Paramount Theatre!

Save-a-Seat supporters will receive an honorary seat plaque on the newly refurbished seats

Seattle is home to some of the most beautiful, historic theaters in the entire country, and right now, concert goers have an opportunity to become part of the fabric of one of the most magnificent venues in the city - The Paramount Theatre!

I was just there for Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros a few months back, and it's always such a special experience inside The Paramount. The grand ceilings boast gorgeous details, the massive chandeliers draw your eye as they twinkle, and you can't help but think of all the incredible artists to have graced the stage over the years. I also tend to wonder how all of those nooks and crannies get cleaned! But then you sit down... and the seat doesn't quite match the grand environment, does it?

Save-a-Seat is working with donors to restore the seats so future generations can enjoy The Paramount for years to come, and your support means you'll be honored with a seat plaque!

STG estimates the new seats to be refurbished by September 2023 and the plaques to be installed by November 2023.

See you at the next show, Rockaholics!!

Happy Rocking,

Taryn Daly

Featured Image Photo Credit: "Iron" Mike Savoia