Builder of Powerball Winner's Mansion Talks Exclusively to KROQ about Meeting LA's Newest Billionaire

One word to describe him? "Lucky."
Mansion residence has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, movie theater and game room. Photo credit Berlyn Photography

After buying one Powerball ticket in Altadena, Edwin Castro is LA's newest billionaire with $2.04 million dollars in his possession. His next move was buying a massive $25.5 million dollar mansion in the hills because...why not?

KROQ's Klein.Ally.Show talked with Roman James, the architect behind the massive new house, who has been building high-profile properties like this for decades. When getting the call that Edwin wanted a tour, he said "Normally on these trades, before we show these houses, they have to prove they have the money to buy the home before they can even see it." When asked if Edwin's bank account was able to cover it, James simply said "He proved up."

He detailed how unique this lot really is, mainly because of the view. "You can literally see from the Griffith Observatory through Downtown all the way to the ocean, Miracle Mile, Century City, you can watch the planes take off from can see Catalina can see the sun setting over the Palisades over the ocean. It's amazing." The glass door cost at least $350,000 to make. And what was it like meeting the Edwin Castro? Listen to the full chat above to find out.

Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photographer - Simon Berlyn)