Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis strips uniform off, throws it to crowd after being ejected from BIG3 game


Former Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis was ejected from a BIG3 game on Sunday and his reaction was elaborate. 

First, he was called for a technical foul after yelling at a referee and then he was ejected from the game. Upon being ejected, Davis flipped the bird to everybody, stripped off his uniform and threw it into the crowd. 


— BIG3 on CBS (@thebig3) July 7, 2019

Watch the full, UNCUT clip of Big Baby stripping down after being ejected from the game ------ We'll see you next week LIVE on CBS in Providence and New York!

— BIG3 on CBS (@thebig3) July 7, 2019

In the words of Andy Bernard, “That was an overreaction.” But the guy sure knows how to entertain.