Friday's Mashup: Pats fans will love Cam Newton's latest video


4th of July weekend mood music, please (especially in absence of a Pops performance on The Esplanade this year).

Happy Friday! 4th of July weekend is here! We know it's not the same as it usually is, but 2020 is all about making the most of what we got, right? Also, seriously, do you need more fireworks at this point? Waking the kids! And how about the real little ones?

July 4th fireworks can be stressful for dogs. These six tips can keep them calm and safe.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 2, 2020

If you firework please remember to celebrate America's birthday, or any pyrotechnics you smuggled in from New Hampshire, responsibly.


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore World Series Game 5: Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers - NESN, 8pm

Friday night. Night before 4th of July. Machado striking out on his knees to give the Sox their 4th Series this century. BYO hot dogs and beers. But how does it get much better?


After releasing a farewell video to his fans in Carolina the other night, Cam Newton has wasted no time in being prolific in content production, and giving his new fans what they want, by dropping a new hype reel Thursday. And this one really hits the Foxboro Feels because it involves another current Patriot. IS IT FALL 2020 YET?

It’s crazy how the Patriots went from one QB with amazing hype videos to the another.Cam Newton dropped this fire on Instagram late last night and I am about to run through a brick wall #LFG

— Casey Baker (@CaseyBake16) July 2, 2020


What a bargain! Says most people within their right mind. But of course this is sports media. This is Boston. And this is 2020. So nobody can just enjoy or accept this incredible deal built on timing, need and convenience for what it is. But why listen to the rest of us? How about we listen to the guy who signed on the line that is dotted?

Cam Newton’s latest Instagram post touching on the recent talk about the value of his contract with the Patriots:“This is not about money, this is about respect.”

— Casey Baker (@CaseyBake16) July 2, 2020


No, seriously, we need this; shark hunting eagle sharks at our beaches all along the shores of Cape Cod, and New England. EAGLE FORCE assemble!

Just in case you haven’t seen a bird flying around with a shark that it just plucked out of the ocean...

— Rex Chapman---- (@RexChapman) July 2, 2020


Thursday was the 49th birthday of arguably the original Patriots slot machine/the ultimate Patriots Swiss Army Knife/the greatest Patriot not named Tom Brady (and he also happened to be the original TB). That's right, Troy Brown is 49 years young. We could pick from a thousand plays that remind you as to why TB80 was the man, but here are a few (one of which also, IMHO, was Tom Brady's greatest pass of his career).

Troy Brown turns 49 YOSuper Bowl winner - 3xPro Bowl - 1xPatriots historyINT ≥ 3Punt Rt TD ≥ 31. Troy BrownEND OF LISTmulti-dimensional machine

— Boston Sports Info (@bostonsportsinf) July 2, 2020