What Red Sox free agents can expect to reel in


One of the annual traditions in Major League Baseball's offseason is MLB Trade Rumors coming out with its annual projections for free-agent signings.

Tim Dierkes and his group have been remarkably on point over the years in their estimations, making the recently-released 14th version of the predictions a must-read.

With J.D. Martinez deciding to opt-in to his current contract, there are only two Red Sox who cracked the Top 50 free agents.

Rick Porcello, No. 31: Projection of one-year contract with the Giants for $11 million.

MLBTR cites the possibility of Porcello shunning two-year offers in order to re-establish his value in a pitcher-friendly park, allowing to re-enter the market heading into his age 32-year-old season.

Brock Holt, No. 41: Projection of two-year contract with the Diamondbacks for $8 million.

The 31-year-old's versatility is highlighted by MLBTR, acknowledging that a return to the Red Sox will be made difficult by the team's budgetary restrictions. Arizona is highlighted in large part because of the amount of former Red Sox decision-makers in the organization.

Other Red Sox free agents not listed include Jhoulys Chacin, Andrew Cashner, and Mitch Moreland. The only player in the Top 50 MLBTR predicts will land with the Red Sox is reliever Pedro Strop (No. 49) with a one-year, $5 million contract.