Miles Teller does perfect Peyton Manning impression on 'SNL' premiere


As far as athletes on-camera, in commercials and hosting TV shows goes, Peyton Manning has consistently been one of the most natural and funniest over the past two decades. Several of his commercials - “Cut that meat!” & “Lazer Rocket Arm” - come to mind as memorably hilarious. Plus he’s done a terrific job along with his brother Eli on the ESPN2 Monday Night Football watch-along show, “ManningCast”. And he’s perhaps the best jock turned guest host “Saturday Night Live” in the show’s history (some of his bits were viral hits). Well, last Saturday night he had the tables turned on him, and most impressively at that.

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Actor Miles Teller, one of the stars of the year’s biggest movie, “Top Gun: Maverick”, hosted the season premiere of SNL last weekend. And the show kicked off with a parody of the Manning brother’s popular MNF companion program, full of self-deprecating jokes, but highlighted by a spot-on impersonation of Manning by Teller. Teller even looked a lot like Peyton, but the voice and cadence were laughably perfect.

A quick search of twitter using the search terms “Miles Teller Peyton Manning” reveals the modern rarity of everyone agreeing on something; Teller was terrific as Manning. The bit brought laughs and some needed buzz to a show that replaced much of its cast after an underperforming previous season. Sometimes TV and sports are similar like that.

Be interesting to see if Peyton himself mentions the skit, or if Eli mentions how bad the impersonation of him was during Monday night’s “ManningCast” during LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports