Tanguay: It's time to bring Gardner Minshew to Foxboro


Bring on THE SHEW!

Okay, Gardner Minshew has had better nicknames like “The Jockstrap King" or "The Mississippi Mustache.” I just like the way The Shew flows ... kind of like that hippie freak’s hair. When I say hippie freak I mean that as a term of endearment. This is guy is great. He can play the position and when a dog barked during a press conference he barked back.

You could even call him the The Shew Number Two as he is officially Gardner Minshew II.

I am calling it right now. Gardner Minshew will be the Patriots' starting quarterback next season and I think THAT IS AWESOME! Bring some of the Minshew Magic or Mania to Gillette. He checks all the boxes: He is cheap, will not cost a high draft pick and was a sixth-round pick. Sixth round pick ... are you with me people?

We’ve all heard the names: Mariota, Garoppolo, Trubisky blah, blah, blah. I vote for the Jock Strap King! A name given to him by his ex-teammate, now Super Bowl champion, Leonard Fournette. Minshew likes to stretch in the locker room in nothing but his jock. Hey, Johnny Damon did naked pull-ups in the Sox locker room, so don’t judge!

Jimmy G is not going anywhere because the Niners don’t have a better option. It seems Kyle Shanahan favorite Kirk Cousins will not be leaving Minnesota. Trubisky has a cap hit of over $9 million next year and Mariota will earn a cool $10 million. Plus, are the Bears and Raiders moving these guys and does Bill want to pay the price?

My guy, The Shew? He will earn an economical $1.815 million over the next TWO years. Not one, but two. Tell me Bill Belichick is not getting all lathered up over those numbers. Not to mention, the Jags are set to pick Trevor Lawrence in the draft.

Minshew’s personality -- the dude wears jorts -- has overshadowed the fact that he can play. In 2019 after taking over for Nick Foles he tossed 21 touchdowns and only six picks in 14 games. In 2020, 19 TD passes and five interceptions in nine games. He lost his job after smashing up his thumb and then for some reason Doug Marrone went with Mike Glennon after The Shew was ready to return.

You may say the Jock Strap King has too much personality for Belichick. Simply not true. Bill does not care how long your hair is or how you stretch your hamstrings. Belichick has coached big personalities like Gronk and Randy Moss before. Plus, the Patriots need to generate some excitement. If they return with Cam Newton again next season they will be on their way to irrelevancy. With Brady shooting for his eighth Super Bowl, the Pats need someone to sell! I can see those Gardner Minshew jocks straps flying off the shelves at the Patriot Pro Shop and Patriots.com now!

So Bill, bring on THE SHEW!