LOOK: Josh Donaldson bat-flips a ground-rule double, hears it from the Astros dugout


Sometimes, you just gotta bat flip – but don’t be surprised if you get an earful when you do it at the wrong time.

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That’s what happened to Josh Donaldson on Friday night, as he flipped his bat on this blast to right-center…which one-hopped over the wall for a ground-rule double, and not on the fly for a solo homer.

To be fair, it was closer to being a long out on a great catch by Astros center fielder Meyers than it was a dinger, but hey, the Bringer of Rain gonna bring the pain.

And then the ‘Stros did that to him at the end of the inning, chirping at him as he stood at third base awaiting his gear for defense:

The worst part? The Yankees wasted that leadoff double, and it remained 0-0.

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