Rafael Devers reveals what was wrong with his arm


It was painful for the player. It was painful for those watching him.

All we knew about Rafael Devers' mysterious right arm injury was that it wasn't something that was going to prevent him from playing, and it was more of a problem on swings and misses.

But the exact location of the ailment? That was unclear.

Walking out of Minute Maid Park after the Red Sox' 5-0, season-ending loss to the Astros, Devers revealed to WEEI.com what the actual issue was.

"When I swung I felt like a pinch," Devers said. "I had inflammation." He then pointed to the exact area which was impacted, a spot on the inside of his right elbow.

How did he do it? "I threw one ball and I could feel it. It was at home against the Yankees."

Devers went to explain that the medical staff was not concerned playing would put his elbow at risk, reiterating that it only truly hurt on swings and misses and "sometimes when I threw really hard."

"It got better," Devers said. "It hurt, but nothing like it did before."

Devers finished the postseason hitting .295 with a 1.029 OPS and five homers. He also walked seven times while striking in eight of his 51 plate appearances.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports