Josh Donaldson, Tim Anderson have to be separated for second time in past week, benches later clear


The Tim Anderson/Josh Donaldson feud doesn’t appear to be over.

With the White Sox leaving the field after the final out, the Chicago shortstop crossed paths with Donaldson, who was on second base at the time, and the two began exchanging words and had to be separated by players from both teams before going back to their own dugouts.

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It was the continuation of a rift that began back in Chicago, where the Yanks played last week and Donaldson placed a hard tag down on Anderson, and the two began jawing at each other before benches and bullpens cleared.

It escalated even further when Donaldson came up to the plate for his next at-bat, exchanging words with Chicago catcher Yasmani Grandal before the benches and bullpens cleared, and an angry Anderson was pulled back into the dugout by his teammates.

Donaldson said after that game that the discussion was nothing more than baseball talk and the heat of the moment, but clearly, the two haven’t forgotten about it.

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