2 arrested after suspect 'shimmied' under Taylor impound lot fence, used stolen car to slam through fence during escape

Car key and gavel
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TAYLOR (WWJ) – Two people are in custody after allegedly making their way into a police impound lot in Taylor and stealing a car on Sunday afternoon.

Taylor police officials tell WWJ the suspects are also under investigation for similar incidents in other neighboring jurisdictions.

Taylor police got a call from area towing dispatchers around 1 p.m. Sunday reporting someone had shimmied under the fence of the towing lot and made out with one of the cars.

The suspect has “scurried around and checked several vehicles” on the lot, according to Taylor Police Lt. Joshua Schneider. The suspect eventually found a car that had keys inside.

That’s when the suspect allegedly used that car to ram through the gate and escape from the lot and meet up with another suspect in a second car, according to Schneider.

The suspects then fled into neighboring Brownstown Township.

Police in Brownstown soon got a call from a resident reporting two suspicious people were in their neighborhood. When officers showed up they were able to identify the suspects and confirm one of the cars was the one stolen from the towing lot, Schneider said.

Both suspects were arrested. Officials did not release any information about either suspect.

Schneider told WWJ this hasn’t ever happened in Taylor, to his knowledge.

“This is kind of an isolated incident, something rare, someone breaking into a police towing lot, especially,” he said. “I haven’t personally ever heard of previous incidents of this. I’m told these individuals possibly did this in other neighboring jurisdictions in the last couple weeks as well.”

While Schneider didn’t identify the other jurisdictions, he said Taylor police are working with the other departments to link the suspects to those incidents. No other information about the previous alleged thefts has been released.

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