Does Bill Belichick already have his next destination?


jones and mego: Dan Orlovsky joins the show with insider information

With Bill Belichick’s time as the head coach of the New England Patriots seemingly coming to a close, there’s been an abundance of speculation and rumors about what his next chapter will be, and how we’ll get there.

Could he be traded? Fired? Resign? Wile options are on the table, the idea of a either a trade or ‘mutual parting of ways’ are what seem to be likely at this point.

In fact, NFL insider Dianna Russini wrote on Saturday that her sources expect the two sides to part ways following the season:

“Speculation continues to grow about the end of the partnership between the Patriots and Belichick,” she wrote this weekend. “In talking to those who have spent time around the Patriots organization and understand the dynamics between team owner Robert Kraft and Belichick, I don’t expect anything to be determined with so much season remaining. But if people I talk to had to bet, their money is on a mutual parting of the ways at the end of the season.”

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who is notably friendly with Mac Jones and also appears on WEEI’s Jones and Mego weekly, was asked about the rumor on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday:

“I’ve heard that, Orlovsky said. “I’ve heard more and more of that over the last week. I’m not a reporter, but I have heard that. I have heard that that’s going to be the case. Who knows the likelihood of it, but I’ve heard that that’s going to happen, and I’ve heard that the location is already kind of determined as well.”

What?! Belichick already has a next stop?!

Orlovsky then went mum.


Pro Football Talks Mike Florio, who was one of the first to ‘report’ that Belichick could be traded, has suggested the Washington Commanders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as landing spots, while NBC Sports’ Peter King added the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers, and Chicago Bears to the growing list.

Orlovsky joined WEEI's Jones and Mego on Wednesday and while he wouldn't spill the beans on where he heard Belichick's next destination would be, he told the show that heard "a couple different places that were potentially attached".

He continued: "They're not going to be shocking to anybody because they're places that have had kind of like question marks at head coach attached to them throughout this season, I would say."

The plot thickens.

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