Before Weezer Goes Dark With 'The Black Album', They Turn Teal With Surprise Covers Album

If you like "Africa", you'll love 'The Teal Album'

With an album promised to be "super dark" coming in less than two months, Weezer has opted to lighten the mood and the color for a surprise album of covers dubbed The Teal Album.

After the success of "Africa", it seems like a logical step for the mathematical mind of Rivers Cuomo, and an extensive but fun "Throwback Thursday" move to cleanse the palate before a new era for the band officially begins.

Many of the songs on The Teal Album have been popping up on Weezer setlists over the past year, and all are pretty faithful renditions of the originals but with a little extra Weezer warmth. The band covers songs ranging from classics like "Stand By Me" to a fuzzed-out but devoted take on TLC's "No Scrubs", but most of The Teal Album exists to pay tribute to the 80's and the "Africa"-adjacent hits of the decade. The lean-in is complete with a Miami Vice inspired album cover, and the velcro wallet you can get with purchase from their site. 

It's a move sure to bring a smile to the Matt Damons of the world. The Teal Album is available everywhere

Weezer is set to drop The Black Album on March 1st. The darker and more experimental counterpart to 2016's The White Album will feature the previously released "Zombie Bastards" and "Can't Knock The Hustle". The band will also head out on a North American tour in March with the Pixies, one week later. You can find the full list of dates here